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Discover a Nurturing and Hands-on Experience at The BeeSchool Preschool

At The BeeSchool Preschool, learning comes naturally as your child enters a warm and unique environment where he or she can laugh, play, and discover. Our play-based hands-on philosophy at Upland Country Day School, combined with our outdoor education and our special related arts classes, creates an enriching experience that enhances social, emotional, intellectual, cognitive, fine, and gross motor skills. Join us on our idyllic 23-acre campus as your child enters their "home away from home."

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Explore the perfect blend of play and education.

Preschool at Upland is about more than just the classroom. We want our Bees to be active members of the Upland school community – We combine traditional theme-based learning with outdoor education, educating the whole child.

Experience how the BeeSchool Preschool, just like the other programs at Upland, focuses on our unique Four A’s curriculum – Academics, Arts, Athletics, and Attitude.

Give your child the best start

At The BeeSchool Preschool, we believe that every child is unique and has unlimited potential. Designed for students who are at least two years and seven months old by August 31st and potty trained, our play-based philosophy promotes holistic development, allowing children to learn, grow, and thrive at their own pace.

Ignite a love for language & literacy

At The BeeSchool Preschool, we believe in the power of literature to spark curiosity and ignite a love for learning. Our students are exposed to a wide range of genres, allowing them to explore different worlds, expand their vocabulary, learn the alphabet, and develop a strong foundation in for future literacy.


Make learning an adventure

Learning happens best when children are actively engaged. Influenced by the Growing Up Wild curriculum, that’s why we offer a weekly PE class, yoga class, and a wide variety of outdoor adventures around our beautiful campus. Your child grows as they explore and discover his or her environment.

Nurture your child's boundless potential

Our curriculum is designed harness the power of play-based learning, engaging your child in activities that promote numerical understanding, scientific exploration, pattern recognition, and a deep connection with nature. Watch as your child develops essential skills while having fun and building confidence.


Kickstart your child’s bright future at The BeeSchool Preschool at Upland Country Day School. Schedule a tour of “The Hive” today.

Other Program Details


Our Bees are surrounded by art. They explore different genres within our themed curriculum each week. They create art within their classrooms as well as around our campus in our outdoor learning spaces.


Bees enjoy visiting their fellow Upland students and being an audience for them during their performances throughout the school year. The Bees also visit the Grand in Wilmington, DE, every winter to enjoy a performance off campus.


Our Bees participate in a weekly PE class, a yoga class, and many outdoor adventures around Upland’s 23-acre campus.
We climb and explore in our Backyard space and around our campus, improving gross and fine motor skills daily.


We meet every Tuesday and Friday in our Colony Jamboree to foster the BeeSchool community and to discuss kindness and empathy for their classmates.

I CAN'T imagine anywhere else...

"My family has been very happy with Upland during my daughter’s first year in pre-k. The community is so welcoming and the faculty and teachers are gems. I can’t imagine sending my children anywhere else."

- Holly | BeeSchool PreSchool Student Parent

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Located in Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania Upland Country Day School represents a community of people that are committed to a common purpose: providing an unparalleled educational experience for our students. We strive to teach children to love learning, engage in their education, communicate in the world and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

Explore Our Academic Programming

We believe children rise to our highest expectations, thrive on meaningful challenges, and never deserve anything less. Explore the multidimensional growth experience specifically designed to prepare each student for the future in each of our core schools:



Learning to spread your wings and fly.

Primary Center

(PreK – 1st)

Pairing unbridled enthusiasm and boundless curiosity.

Lower School

(2nd – 5th)

A focus on active, hands-on, inquiry-based work.

Upper School

(6th – 9th)

Building 21st century leadership and interpersonal skills.

Y9 Experience

(9th Grade)

Developing as role models and leaders for an entire student body.




The best way to experience Upland is to see our vibrant campus.


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